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Big Work Fitness is for people and personal trainers who want results without the fluff. We’re an old school-style gym for folks who desire to get in shape and build some muscle in a very friendly, encouraging environment.

Our philosophy is you have to pick it up. It won’t pick itself up. What we do at Big Work Fitness is motivate you to pick up that iron and build your body for optimum strength and fitness. Then we show you how to stay fit in a positive way.

The personal trainers at our gym are some of the best in Charleston. They are extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and how to build muscle without injuring yourself. Because they work independent of the gym, our trainers are affordable and flexible.

Whether you’re a local or visiting Charleston, we are considered the best gym in town for powerlifting, as well as Olympic lifting. We also offer you the ability to work out both inside and outdoors. Big Work Fitness is a gym without limits.

Interested in learning more? Need a day pass? Want to become a member? Simply call us at (843) 203-3658, visit us on Facebook or download our app, Big Work Fitness from the Apple Store or Google Play. You can get a day pass or membership right from our app. Let’s get results together!


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